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I've been jotting down lines of dialogue, story ideas and even some complete works for many years. 

I learned how to create and edit all media formats on most all available software while always writing and playing bass guitar.

I began listening to a lot of podcasts and realised I could blend my need for story writing with my love of creating digital media.

A podcast where I create episodes based on my own stories seems perfect for me.

Each episode will consist of a previously unreleased story. They are all new to the outside world. I will be creating some serialized episodic releases for larger stories.

I genuinely appreciate your taking the time to listen and do hope you in the least find them interesting.



Awarded a Certificate of Distinction in Short Story Writing from the Cultural Council of Ireland. Published songwriter. Finalist for Short Film Script of the year at the Smedias, (Student Media Awards). Documentary Short (Writer/Producer/Director) screened at the Dublin Doc-lands Film Festival. Cited in various national publications, (Ireland) regarding an academic paper I wrote on scaremongering within the mainstream media. Former member of the National Union of Journalists, (N.U.J.). Completed a collection of Short Stories, (some of which are featured in this podcast).

Snappy Dresser.


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